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Eco-Friendly Alternatives for Traditional Roof Tiles

Guest Post courtesy of Brava Roof Tile

Tile roofs make up the majority of American homes, and new homeowners still have a tendency to follow this trend. Popular choices include slate tile, shake roof, and barrel tile. And it’s true, these materials undeniably complete a home with their traditional and classic appeal.

But did you know that different, eco-friendly alternative exists? Synthetic roofing is a fairly new trend sweeping the American homeowner community. What’s synthetic roofing?

Offered by manufacturers like Brava Roof Tile, this roofing material (typical tiles) is designed to replicate the exact look of natural tiles, but is made from recycled material.

This material is not only better for the environment, but it’s also typically more durable and long lasting, a feature which any experienced homeowner will recognize as a huge money saver. The best part? These roofing materials can be found in a variety of favorite styles and are completely customizable with regard to color and design. Meaning you can make the right choice without sacrificing on the overall look and feel of your home. Ja-Mar is the go to residential roofing company for all your needs.
So what makes composite roofing so good for the environment?

Longer Lasting

Composite roof tiles are rated to last longer than their natural alternatives. Backed by a 50-year warranty, their makers expect them to last even longer. Because it doesn’t require frequent replacement, composite roofing likely won’t drain resources the way natural slate tile or shake roof systems would. Synthetic roofing also offers higher wind, water, and fire ratings than most natural roofing on the market.

No Resource Exploitation

Traditional extraction methods for authentic slate tile, wood shake tile, and barrel tile roofing is taking its toll on the environment. The over-exploitation of quarries and other natural resources is one of the main problems in this industry, and one that is easily fixed by changing buyer behavior. Even more upsetting is when these resources go to waste by arriving broken or damaged, as is also often the case. By choosing synthetic roofing you’re supporting the tried and true methods of a more eco-friendly industry.

Made from Recycled Material

These composite slate tiles, barrel tiles, and shake roof systems are made entirely from recycled polymer materials. The production of composite systems is a much simpler process than natural resource extraction and manufacturing. Choosing synthetic minimizes the environmental impact of building a home.

Less Waste

Waste happens in any build, but by choosing composite roofing you can minimize that. By choosing synthetic you can order a precise amount of material for your home and rest assured that it will not only arrive safely, but being that it’s made of recycled material the inherent production of it hasn’t negatively impacted the environment.