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Georgetown Roofing | Roof Repair and Replacement

Called the Most Beautiful Town Square in Texas, Georgetown is located just north of Austin, past Pflugerville and Round Rock.  Besides the gorgeous buildings and historical monuments this town sports, the area is surrounded by plenty of parks and various small bodies of water, such as Lake Georgetown and the San Gabriel River.

Georgetown Town Hall - Ja-Mar Roofing provides roofing services all throughout Georgetown.Texas Hill Country provides ample opportunities and activities, and those who live in it embody the strength and flexibility to deal with anything the ever wild Texan weather throws at them.  Unfortunately, buildings aren’t always quite as sturdy, and can more easily be damaged by weather and time than one may think.  The roof of your home or business may be in need of replacement or repairs, and you don’t even know it.

Residential and Commercial Roofing Services

Though there’s no way to completely stop the damages of weather, time, and accidents, there is a way to repair and minimize them!  Ja-Mar Roofing professionals provide high quality roofs and repair services to protect you, your loved ones, and investments.  Austin residents and businesses alike have found comfortable shelter from the elements beneath our roofs for over 50 years.  No matter the size or shape of your roof, we’ve got you covered.  We’ll easily handle damages of any size, be they small dents or complete replacements.  Get a free estimate for your project today!


We've been providing roofing services in Georgetown for over 50 years and have a team of expert roofers with the right skills.  We use only high-quality materials and our Georgetown Roof Repair professionals are dedicated to your satisfaction. Get in touch with us for a FREE roof repair consultation to see if you qualify for one of our many roofing services.


We understand that your roofing needs may not be at the top of your mind until there is a problem, but we want to point out that sometimes small repairs if put off can become big jobs and may require you to have a complete roof replacement. Ja-Mar Roofing & Sheet Metal can come to your home for FREE and evaluate if you need a simple roof repair or a complete roof replacement. We work with a variety of clients on a wide-ranging set of roofing projects and have the expertise to accommodate any need. In addition, we take the time to listen to our customers and design solutions that fit their needs. Call us today to have one of our Georgetown Roof Replacement experts come out for a FREE consultation.


Central Texas is notorious for its extreme and unpredictable weather. Hail, heavy rain, wind and other severe weather can cause damage to your roof and there's no way to tell if it will lead to leaks or other problems until it's too late. Hail can be a pain for your roof causing cracks and tears within shingles leaving you exposed to leaks, which will inevitably put your wallet in the red. When storms include high winds, your roof shingles can take a beating and become bent or completely removed from the rooftop leaving your home exposed to major potential damage. If any of these issues are not fixed soon they will open your property up to interior and/or structural issues over time. Our Georgetown Roofers will come out and evaluate the damage on your roof and let you know of any repairs needed to make it like new again. Give us a call today at 512-441-8437 to learn more about our Georgetown Roofing services.

Why call Ja-Mar Roofing for your Georgetown Roof Replacement & Repair needs?
  • We have more than 50 years of experience in Georgetown roof replacements and repairs.
  • Hundreds of 5-star Google Reviews.
  • Designated GAF Master Elite® - A mark of roofing excellence. Only 2% of roofers in North America are invited to become GAF Master Elite® Contractors. It can’t be bought. It can only be earned.
  • Recipient of the GAF President’s Club Award - This award is given to contractors who represent the best of the best of our Master Elite®, Master Select™, and Premium Coating Systems Contractors.  These roofers have distinguished themselves by meeting stringent requirements in the categories of Performance, Reliability, or Service.
  • We offer professional roof inspection services – Free of charge.
  • We provide prompt service to your specific location.
  • Our recommendations are honest, straightforward, and always explained fully.
  • We have all necessary resources to do any roofing job correctly the first time, every time.

Georgetown’s Historic Roofing Specialists

Georgetown contains a multitude of historic buildings, some dating back as far as the Victorian-era. The Williamson County Courthouse, Georgetown Art Center, the Grace Heritage Center, and various other buildings in Historic Downtown are just a few.  

Georgetown Roofers

Unfortunately, no matter how well they were built, no building can survive against time - not without repairs at least. Our specialists here at Ja-Mar have the knowledge, experience, tools and materials you’ll need in order to correctly preserve and repair these time-worn roofs, many of which may have complex rooflines or diverse materials.

But Ja-Mar Roofing doesn’t just specialize in historical roof preservation and repair, we also specialize in metal roofing.

Metal Roofing for the Georgetown Climate

The Georgetown weather is no different from the rest of Texas Hill Country weather--harsh and ever-changing.  From scorching sunlight and dry spells, to thunderstorms and hail, there’s no end to the onslaught on your roof.  For Ja-Mar Roofing, weather-damaged roofs are no issue to repair!

The risk of hail in Central Texas is much greater than the national average, and the damages that follow are often costly.  One can imagine how much hail damage can affect roofs.  What’s worse is that such damages are often out of sight, and can pile up over time.

Not to worry though!  Unlike many materials, metal roofs are considered the most durable.  Not only does metal roofing last for a long time, but it’s stylish and eye-catching. Metal roofs can also help you save energy and costs on electricity.  Another one of Ja-Mar’s specialties, so be sure to ask us about the perks of having a metal roof today!

Should the worst happen, Ja-Mar can quickly enact repairs or install replacements.  Check out our roofing calculator to get an estimate for a roof replacement or roof upgrade.

Don’t let your roof be a concern for you or your business, not when we can resolve it for you.  Ask us how to repair your Georgetown roof today!