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Austin Storm Damage Roof Repair

Ja-Mar Roofing & Sheet Metal offers free roof inspections to detect storm damage.

Contact us today if your home has been struck by severe weather, and we’ll send an expert to analyze the damage to your roof, if any. Our free “non-obligatory” inspections & consultations consist of our thorough storm damage assessment. During this process our experienced inspectors will assess your homes roof for damage as well as any interior damage due to leaks.

stormy weather iconTexas weather can be unpredictable, extreme, and cause serious damage to your roof or home. In addition to catastrophic storms like hurricanes and tornadoes, Texas plains are home to torrential rains, windstorms, hail, and sometimes heavy snow. All of these conditions can adversely affect your roof.

Hail Damage

Hailstorms are no joke. Most people know that baseball-sized hail will cause damage. What many don’t realize is that hail of any size can harm your roof. Even hail the diameter of a quarter or smaller can chip away at the granulation of your shingles, or cause roof tiles to break.

Austin Storm Damage Roof Repair

Granule loss can result in leaks, or worse, allow for large sections of your roof to detach or pull away. Perhaps most concerning is that the damage caused by hail multiplies the chance that your roof will be damaged by other storm conditions.

How to detect hail damage

Hail damage can be invisible to the untrained eye. Since it damages the granules present on shingles, the problem is often one of minuscule proportions. Unfortunately, you might not know about the damage a storm has caused until it results in a significant problem to your home.

If your home weathered a hailstorm recently, you might want to consult a roofing professional. Damage caused by hailstorms is serious and is best addressed early.

Down pouring Rain

Rain does not usually damage your roof by itself, but it is the biggest culprit of exploiting any weaknesses already present in your home.

Shingles that have been weakened by storm damage are susceptible to rain damage as well. Rain can force shingles to pull away from your roof, causing leaks, and exposing your home to storms.

If there is any water where it doesn’t belong, you should repair your roof before it causes any structural damage.

Wind Damage

Behind most powerful storms are strong winds. During particularly fierce storms, the wind can gust upwards of 90 mph, and consistently blow in the 60-65 mph range.

As these high-speed winds encounter your home, they tend to slip into tiny cracks in your roofing structure. The speed of the wind results in pieces being hurled from your roof with great force.

Austin Emergency Roof Inspection

Usually, strong winds are paired with other severe storm conditions. If shingles are ripped from your roof during a rainstorm, you might have a serious problem.

Snow or Sleet damage

It is mostly a myth that the weight of snow can collapse a well-constructed roof. However, the sharp decline in temperature might create brittleness in your roofing materials, which then may snap under pressure.

Sleet is a particularly troublesome weather condition. It weighs a lot, freezes very hard, and traps cold against your roof for longer than snow. Pay special attention to your roof’s integrity after a sleet-storm.

What Is Roof Hail Damage?

When HAIL hits a shingle, the shingle gets “bruised” much like an apple. The granules get knocked loose and the fiberglass matting that supports the asphalt and granules fractures. The shingle becomes weak and over time the asphalt around the fracture wears away causing your roof to leak and subsequent damage.

Do I Have A Hail Damaged Roof?

Not all hail damage and storm damage is visible. In fact, it’s likely your roof has been compromised by a severe hail storm or another weather event. In order to determine if your roof has sustained, you should have your roof inspected by a qualified roof inspector. Contact Ja-Mar Roofing, Inc for a FREE NO-OBLIGATION ROOF INSPECTION!

Austin Storm Damage Roof Repair

How To File an Insurance Hail and Wind Claim

The steps to filing claims for Hail and Wind can be very simple and very beneficial.  The steps to filing a claim include the following:

  1. After a hail storm, many times you have hail or wind damage and you might not even recognize it. The damage is there but can be very hard to spot. Even if you think you don’t have hail damage, call a storm contractor because you don’t want to risk the chance of voiding your warranty for a roof, siding, or gutters. Here is a picture of a perfect hail hit on a roof that is very difficult to recognize.
  2. Finding a Wind & Hail Damage Contractor that is reputable and letting them check over your roof for damages. You can find a hail damage contractor by searching “hail damage” and then typing in your “city” into a search engine like Google, Yahoo, or Bing.  The contractor will have the date of the storm and will be able to show the damage to the insurance adjuster when they get out to your home. After a hail storm, there may very well likely be many “hail storm contractors” that will do great work. Just ask for a list of references and drive by their homes.
  3. Meeting with a hail damage contractor only takes about 10-20 minutes and they usually have open schedules to meet at your convenience. Make sure they have a local telephone number and are a recognized contractor company. The last thing you want as a homeowner is a leaky roof. If you have questions feel free to e-mail Ja-Mar about hail damage claims..
  4. Filing a claim can be as simple as calling your home insurance company’s toll-free number or by following up with a local representative. They will call back within 72 hours and give a claim # and date for the insurance adjusters to come inspect the roof.  Your next step will require you calling your hail damage contractor so they can point out the damages.
  5. Once the insurance company approves the damages, you simply pay your deductible and then have the damages restored back to new.

What to do after a storm

Once your home has been hit by a severe storm, the best course of action is to call a roofing professional and get an inspection. Ja-Mar Roofing & Sheet Metal offers free storm damage inspections, as well as emergency support during, especially stormy weather.

Is your Roof Leaking?

We can help! We offer emergency tarping services to keep your belongings dry while you’re setting up roof repairs. Call us at 512-441-8437 or click the location closest to you to get started:

If you’re worried about storm damage, don’t hesitate! Call us today for a free roof inspection.  Contact Us!