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Austin Roof Inspection Reports

Ja-Mar Roofing & Sheet Metal offers roof inspections for both residential homes and commercial structures. Trust our roofing experts to examine your roof and ensure that every detail is maintained properly.

Free Roof Inspections Austin

ladder leading to a damaged roof

Ja-Mar Roofing & Sheet Metal provides FREE estimates for roof repair or replacement requests. These free estimates are available for the owner of the residence.

If the inspection request is part of a real estate transaction, we have three types of inspection reports that we offer. A Standard Inspection Report, A 16-point Deluxe Inspection Report or a Professional Roofing Certification (PRC) report. Each of these reports involve a fee. (If you have received an inspection report from a home inspector that cites roofing deficiencies, many times we can quote the estimated repair amount just by reviewing the report itself without a fee).

Free Estimates

Making sure your roof, siding & windows are sound & secure is incredibly important, yet its easy to overlook these integral components of your home. Our free no-obligation inspections & consultations includes our thorough storm damage assessment. During this process our experienced inspectors will assess your homes roof for damage as well as any interior damage due to leaks.

Standard Inspection Report
16-Point Deluxe Roof Inspection Report
Professional Roofing Certification (PRC)


Request further information about our roof inspections or to get a free quote.

Commercial Roof Inspections

Close up of white commercial roof on Parmer Building

Ja-Mar Roofing & Sheet Metal provides free estimates for roof repair and replacement requests. These free estimates are available for the owner of the building. In addition, as a Certified Maintenance Professional (CMP), Ja-Mar offers commercial building owners roof inspections, scheduled maintenance agreements and service contracts.

Commercial Roof Inspection Pricing

  • Commercial Roof Inspection: $500 (up to 25,000 sqft / $.02 per additional sqft)
  • Commercial Roof Inspection, evaluation and report: $1000 (up to 25,000 sqft / $.04 per additional sqft)
  • Commercial Roof Inspection, evaluation and report w/ thermal moisture scan analysis: $2500 (up to 25,000 sqft / $.10 per additional)
Infrared Thermal Moisture Scans

Using Infrared technology, Ja-Mar Roofing and Sheet Metal’s commercial roof inspectors can analyze sections of your roof for hard to spot damage. Moisture damage is sometimes very difficult to detect with the naked eye alone. Infrared devices can detect cooler areas in your roof’s structure that may indicate moisture gathering. Repairing these areas proactively removes the possibility for mold growth or structural weakening due to water damage.

Infrared scans can be conducted from the air with a camera drone, or by a walking technician. Both of these methods are non-destructive, and provide an accurate picture of potential damage to your roof without the need for preemptive and invasive demolitions.

External Surface Inspection
Routine Maintenance