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When Should You Have Your Roof Inspected?

The roof tends to be overlooked throughout its life. Because it’s out of sight, only the roof’s obvious issues end up on the household’s to-do list. However, you should be caring for the roof on a frequent basis. Aside from pulling out the binoculars and evaluating the shingles’ surface from the ground, contacting professionals for a roof inspection must also be a priority. Understand when you should have your roof inspected to carefully maintain your household investment.

One to Two Times a Year

Ideally, keep up with regular maintenance with one or two inspections each year. Space them out with one appointment in the spring and a followup visit in the fall. Any extreme heat or cold during the summer and winter impacts the roof in different ways. The appointments during the calmer times of year allow the professionals to see any damage and repair it before worsening conditions arise. You can get away with one inspection each year, but damages may accumulate between annual appointments. Fixing the roof with minor service calls saves the family a lot money over the course of the roof’s lifetime.

After a Storm

You diligently care for the roof throughout the year, but a big storm just blew through town. Don’t wait for your scheduled appointment in a few weeks or months. Call the professionals out to the property as soon as it’s safe for them to traverse the rooftop. Curled, missing or broken shingles can quickly cause further damage into the home. Leaks, mold and mildew are the interior results of a roof that’s overlooked after a storm. Moisture rapidly saturates wood and drywall so calling for an immediate inspection is critical.

Prior to a Forecasted Wind Event

Texas has winds that ebb and flow. At times, there are forecasts for severe winds, including possible tornadoes. Ask for an inspection before a forecasted wind event. The professionals can shore up any loose materials so that further damage isn’t part of your future. There’s no guarantee that the roof will be untouched after the professionals evaluate it, but it gives the structure a better chance at only minor repairs during the windy conditions. Loose nails, flashing and other issues can quickly become major problems as the winds pick up.

Before the Home Goes on the Market

You want the most money for your home when it is up for sale. Insist on an inspection before you price it for potential buyers. Repairing any flaws gives the property’s value a boost. There will probably be another inspection of the entire home just before the sale, but you know that the roof will pass with flying colors. Structural integrity is a critical factor that influences a home’s price by thousands of dollars. Keep documents of the repairs so that any warranties can be transferred to the new owners.

Reputable, Texas roofers can look over your roof for an accurate quote. Trust in the professionals to keep the surface as pristine as possible. A regular, roof inspection can save you thousands of dollars over the years. Contact Ja-Mar Roofing today!