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Austin Luxury Home Roofing Division

Roofing homes of distinction and prominence involve an additional level of attention to detail and service. Many of these types of homes exhibit roofing and flashing challenges that do not exist in on an average home.

At Ja-Mar Roofing & Sheet Metal, our Luxury Home Roofing Division provides the experience necessary to meet these types of challenges. We offer the skill and knowledge to deliver a quality and successful product on these types of inspiring roofing projects. The Luxury Home Roofing Division is just one more thing that sets Ja-Mar apart from the typical roofing contractor.

Some Features of Luxury Homes

Copper Domes

Historically, copper was first used on the roofs of prestigious buildings in the 13th century and are used today as prominent accents on important buildings.

Copper is an amazing roofing material because it will last around 700 years and is corrosion resistant on the underside of the material. Copper will change aesthetically as the exterior slowly oxidizes and turns green, but this quality is what draws many architects to copper dome roofing.


Cupolas were a development of architecture during the Renaissance era, and were used as a lookout and to let air and light into a building.

Historically, cupolas were predominantly found atop domes in Europe, but they are now prominent features of churches, historic buildings, school houses, barns and distinct homes.

Copper Accents

Copper accents such as gables, gutters, drain pipes, and copper roofing will bring an architectural appeal to your roof. Because of copper’s durability and aesthetic qualities we can use it to better the look of your home. Our Luxury Home Roofing Division can find the right accent elements that will increase the style of your home.

Imported Materials

Our Luxury Home Roofing Division has the experience of importing luxury roofing materials like clay tile and quarried slate. If you are looking for the right finish for your new home or replacement tiles for your luxury roof, we can help you find what you need.


The spire is a symbol of power in architecture. Traditionally spires come in 3, 4 and 8 sided variations, but modern architectural projects have expanded the spires design.
Luxury Roofing Manufactures We Use

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Let Ja-Mar Help Through Every Step

Ja-Mar Roofing & Sheet Metal provides an additional set of team members to help ensure the success of Luxury Home Roofing projects. Not only will you have an experienced roofing consultant to head things up, but Ja-Mar also surrounds our consultants with a team of qualified project managers. Each Luxury Home Roofing project can require a multitude of unique roofing systems and complex flashing techniques. Our commitment is to provide trained and qualified specialty craftsmen to address every detail of the job.Call us today for a luxury home roofing consultation at (512) 441-8437

Examples of Luxury Roofing