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Act Fast: Use the Sun to Get a Tax Credit on a Solar Roof

If we’ve learned anything over the past several decades, it’s that solar power is here to stay. We’ve also noticed that the advantages of incorporating solar into your home or business just keep growing.

While many people interested in solar energy are drawn in by the environmental benefits, most of them are thrilled to learn just how much money they can save by switching to solar. If you’re interested in tax credits and want to get a good return on your investment, there’s no better time than NOW to take advantage of the sun’s power.

Tax credits for solar are made possible through the Energy Policy Act of 2005, established by the U.S. Department of Energy and the Environmental Protection Agency. This program offers a Federal Investment Tax Credit of 30 percent for homeowners and businesses purchasing and using solar-electric systems and solar water heating systems. The policy essentially takes 30 percent (or up to $2000) of the total system’s cost and applies it to the taxes you owe for that year. This creates an incredible incentive for home and business owners because it helps them offset the initial cost of their solar energy system.

Pretty amazing deal, right? Here’s the even better part: By installing Ja-Mar’s DOW Powerhouse Solar Shingles on your Austin home, you can get in on the tax credit! Solar shingles turn your home into a primary power source that lowers your electricity costs. Instead of solely consuming energy, your home will be producing energy. In addition to getting money back through your tax credit, you’ll see your electric bills dwindle down to almost nothing. Some homeowners end up owing less than $5.00 a month in electric! The roof essentially pays for itself.

If the offer mentioned above intrigues you, you’ll need to act fast to experience the benefits. When the tax credit was extended in 2015, it was only renewed for an additional 6 years, meaning this offer could end in 2021! We’re not sure that the tax credit will be extended again, so if you want to see an impact in your taxes this year, time is running out. Your DOW solar shingles will need to be installed before January 1, so you’ll want to call within the next few weeks to make sure all the permits and paperwork are completed in time.

Ready to start saving with solar? Read more about DOW Powerhouse Solar Shingles on our website or call Ja-Mar Roofing & Sheet Metal today at 512-441-8437 to get started.