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This One Tip Can Save Homeowners HUGE $$$ on a New Roof

We’ve all been warned,  but not all have heeded the warning.  Spend a little now to save a ton later.  Many times it’s the most important items that get the least attention needed, like your roof.  We know we need to get regular health checkups to avoid any major issues creeping upon us. Every year we get teeth cleanings and regular checkups on our heating and cooling systems.  We all know a little routine maintenance on a car, regular oil changes and a once over can prevent major repairs later. So why do we put one of the most important items on the back burner?

Why would you need a maintenance plan for your roof? It’s your shelter. Have you ever watched the show “Naked and Afraid”, if you have you know the importance of shelter! A much-overlooked luxury that until taken away is all but forgotten. Don’t wait for a roof to crash in or a leak to destroy your walls. Roof damage left unattended can cost you tens of thousands. The good news is most roof issues can be caught early and fixed for a fraction of the cost, if not avoided altogether.

Ja-Mar Roofing has a maintenance program to keep your roof in tip-top shape.  Plans start as low as $275 annually*. You will get a roofing checkup by one of our roofing specialists. If you’re interested in protecting your roof and saving yourself huge money down the road click here to request a Ja-Mar customer service specialist to contact you, or just give Ja-Mar Roofing a quick call at 866-441-8437.
Our Maintenance Plan includes:

  • Our annual inspection consists of check-up and inspection of the entire roof.
  • Inspecting all roof penetrations to make sure flashings are all well intact.
  • Cleaning all debris build-up, including leaves out of the valleys, behind any flashings or other areas on the roof that has debris built up.
  • Check all perimeter flashings to make sure there are no wind uplift issues.
  • Check roof to wall connections for any foundation movement
  • Verify normal expansion and contraction has not affected the integrity of the wall flashings.

leaky roof repairThe inspection and cleaning start at a cost of 275.00* and is renewable on an annual basis.

Extend Your Roof Warranty.

If you received a 2-year warranty on your roof, after your 2-year warranty expires and for every year thereafter that you have Ja-Mar Roofing perform your annual maintenance service, your warranty will continue to be in effect on an annual basis.

Stay ahead of any problems and give yourself peace of mind knowing a roofing professional is checking up and maintaining one of the most important parts of your home, the roof.

*Additional pricing may apply for larger homes and steeper roofs.