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Summer Roof Maintenance in Texas

The summer heat in Texas might feel nice if you’re a warm-weather lover, but it can mean trouble for your roof. Sunlight, hot temperatures, and extreme weather conditions can pose hazards to the strength and durability of your roof, but luckily there are measures you can take to protect your home. These summer roof maintenance tips are well worth your time if you want to avoid expensive repairs down the road.

Tips for Summer Roof Maintenance

  • Check your gutters. Examine all the gutters on your home, keeping an eye out for any that are loose or pulling away from the house. It’s also a good idea to clean out your gutters so they drain properly and don’t cause leaks.
  • Inspect your roof after each rain or thunderstorm. Strong winds and heavy rain can cause shingles to loosen or fall off. Storms can also lead to debris getting caught on your roof. Ensuring the security of the roof after each storm will safeguard against any leaks the next time it rains.
  • Trim trees or shrubbery around the roof to lessen the chance of leaves and branches falling on it, which can cause damage or block drainage.
  • UV rays from the sun can cause some shingles to contract or crack, turning small issues into big problems. If you notice severe sun damage, you may need pieces of your roof replaced. As preventative care, there are some sealings and coatings you can purchase to protect your roof against UV damage. You can also consider a lighter-colored roof, as those attract less direct sunlight than those with dark colors.
  • Take stock of roof valleys. Roof valleys are the spots where your roof dips or where two slanted pieces meet to create a valley. Clean out any debris from these crevices. Twigs, leaves, and other objects can block water from draining downward off the house, adding weight to the roof and causing cracks and leaks.
  • If you do any rooftop inspection or maintenance work, try to work early in the morning or later in the evening, out of the direct sunlight. The sun beating down on roof shingles can cause them to become brittle, making them vulnerable to cracking when stepped on.
  • Address small issues as soon as possible. A relatively simple repair can quickly turn into a larger complication if ignored. Take the time to troubleshoot small cracks and leaks; you’ll save a lot of time and money in the long run.

Performing regular maintenance checks and fixing problem areas will extend the life of your roof and give your home the best security possible. If you find any serious damages that would best be addressed by a professional, call Ja-Mar Roofing & Sheet Metal with questions or concerns.