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Texas Roofing Scams – What Should I Look For?

If you’re in the market for a brand new roof, you are probably a careful shopper. Looking around, getting estimates, checking records, reading reviews; getting the right kind of roof repair is crucial, especially when plunking down so much for an investment. When you get your roof fixed, it’s worth it.

Ja-Mar Roofing & Sheet Metal has been doing our job for awhile now. We’ve heard stories about other roofing companies in our time. This lets us know what people expect and how we can give better customer service to our clients in general. It is crucial that we do the best roofing job possible.

We also want to make sure people don’t get scammed. There are other roofing companies out there that prey on people who just don’t know about their roof. When this happens, good, hard-working people get taken advantage of in ways they shouldn’t. Suddenly, they can have a bad roof and they are out thousands upon thousands of dollars.

We’ve put together a list of things to look for when looking at other roofing companies. Ja-Mar Roofing & Sheet Metal will always be upfront with you about what we can and what we cannot do. Something more important than doing a good job is telling the truth. With these pieces of advice, we hope you can know the truth about roofing.

Do they provide references?

When a company does not have the references you ask for, be skeptical. They should have any paperwork that would certify they are a business. If they don’t, they may be scammers who are looking to take advantage of your pocket book. If they don’t provide, don’t let them work on your roof.Each roofing company should have several references provided by organizations that certify their legitimacy. There are many companies that will be ready and willing to provide those certifications at a moment’s notice. If you’re even a little bit suspicious, you can perform a credit check on them.

Did they find you or did you find them?

While door to door salespeople are a rare commodity these days, they appear more often than you think. Many of them are simply looking to conduct a pleasant sale and improve your life in some capacity. Many are trustworthy and will politely leave if you ask them to nicely.A roofing company will never get your business by knocking on your door. You should have the freedom to find them and not the other way around. If a roofing company is knocking on your door asking if you need work, they may be a scam ring. If this occurs, be wary and notify organizations of this scam.

Do they have reviews online?

The best roofing companies will have numerous references that they will be eager to provide. If you ask a customer to say something nice, you will get a surprising amount of replies where people cannot wait to talk about them. Roofing companies seek to please and customers often say nice things in return.Reviews will be easy to find if you put it into Google. However, if they don’t even have a review section, think twice. They may be a new company. They may also be looking to get easy cash. Be vigilant about their conduct and do a deep internet search to see if you can trust them.

Did they spot your roof damage or did you?

Every so often, a good samaritan might known on someone’s door and notice they spotted a bit of roof damage. You shake their hand and say, “Thanks for the heads up.” Then they might try and say they can patch it up real quick for a nominal fee. If this sounds innocuous enough, you’d be very wrong.You should be the one to spot roof damage and not a roofer who just happened to be passing. You are smart enough to know if your roof has a fatal flaw. If you let a roofer up on your house without knowing what kind of roof damage you had before hand, they could make it even worse and then overcharge you. Don’t let this happen.

If you have fallen victims to any of these scams above, don’t let anyone else fall for it again. Contact the Better Business Bureau and let them know about it. While you might have the foresight to check what kind of scams are in the world, not everyone does. Perform a public service and let others know today before it’s too late.