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Should I Replace My Roof?

Replacing your roof can be a tough decision. On the one hand, you might not want to replace something that could be remedied with a repair job. On the other hand, you may be tired of paying for roof repair services every few months. If you’re wondering whether your roof problem warrants a full replacement or just a few simple fix-ups, asking yourself the following questions should give you a better idea.

1. How old is your roof?

Most shingled roofs have a life expectancy about 20 to 25 years. However, if your roof currently has more than one layer of shingles covering it, is over 20 years old, and you’re still having issues with it, you might be in the market for a new roof! However, not all roofs age the same. For instance, roofs made of sheet metal or concrete tiles can last up to 10 to 15 longer than clay tiles.

2. Are the shingles curling, buckling, or cracking?

When shingles start to curl, there are a few explanations: improper ventilation, new shingles layered over old ones, or simply that your shingles have reached the end of their life cycle. Likewise, if shingles are losing their granules (one way to spot this is to see if any granules are clogging up your gutters) or if they are simply beyond repair, it may be easier to replace all or part of your roof. Shingles can be replaced or placed over older shingles, but if you’re still experiencing issues after that, it can signify that your roof is getting to a point of no return.

3. Is the damage confined to one side of the roof?

If your roof was damaged in just one area (maybe from bad weather or an accident), you may not have to replace the entire roof. Partial re-roofing can be less expensive than replacing the whole roof if the other sides of the roof are still in good condition.

4. Is your home constantly plagued by leaks?

Many roofs develop leaks long before the entire roof needs replacing. Most leaks are caused by damaged and cracked shingles If you’re constantly shelling out hundreds of dollars to repair leaks, it may be time to look at the bigger picture. At some point, it’s actually cheaper to replace all or part of the roof than to keep paying for dozens of minor leak repairs.

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