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If You Don’t Know This About Your Roof You Could Be In For a Long HOT Summer

Summer ’17 in Texas brings in trips to the lake, barbecues, and vacations….it also brings in 100 plus degree weather and it takes a toll not only on our abilities to be outside and withstand the eat, but our homes too! Extreme heat can cause major damage to your roof. Here are a few roof maintenance tips for you to make sure your home is cool and comfortable, and your roof withstands the heat of summers in Texas.

Commercial Roofs

Commercial roofs are tough, but sometimes no match for the Texas heat. Even though its made with tough materials a commercial roof still has its vulnerabilities. Heat can cause cracks, bumps, discoloration and other forms of damage to your roof. All of these issues will eventually lead to even bigger roof problems down the road.

Add it to your list to have regular roof inspections. Our experts are able to examine and see if your roof is showing any signs of heat damage and prevent cracks and bumps. And when that random rain storm decides to roll in you can rest assured it didn’t leak through and create a swimming pool for all of your products and materials.

Residential Roofs

Just like commercial roofs, the heat poses a threat to residential roofs. The extreme heat can cause warps, discoloration, and damage that can effect our air flow inside. And we all know what it’s like to sit in a hot house in the middle of the summer! Not to mention the toll it takes on your electric bill. Seek out the advice of a roofing expert to recommend the best materials for your roof and schedule regular inspections so that your roof is ready for the heat and sun of Summers in Texas.

For more information on regular inspection and preventative maintenance contact Ja-Mar Roofing today at 866-441-8437.