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Benefits of a Mechanically Seamed Metal Roof

For many people, the only new roof worth considering is an asphalt shingle covering. Old habits die hard, but a shingle roof has several disadvantages, especially when compared with a mechanically seamed metal roof or a standing seam metal roof.

Mechanical Lock Roof System

The Mechanical Lock system is suitable for both residential homes and commercial buildings. It is versatile, attractive, and offers benefits to the environment. It is made up of interlocking pieces of metal that are screwed down on the decking or underlying roof surface. Additional panels are placed in a pattern that forms an interlocking grid that is completely waterproof. This construction technique is adaptable to challenging architectural styles and is suitable for a roof slope of 1:12.

Benefits of a Mechanically Seamed Metal Roof

A true standing seam metal roof is installed with clips that are engineered to UL specifications and with flathead screw fasteners. This roof imparts an elegant look to buildings and provides durable protection in all types of weather.

Advantages of a Metal Roof

A mechanically seamed metal roof can last a lifetime, compared to 15-20 years for the average shingle roof. Additionally, the following features add value and protection to your structure:

  • A metal roof protects against storms
  • It is suitable for solar installation
  • It is ideal for low slopes and large spans
  • They are available in a variety of colors
  • It is low maintenance
  • It promotes energy efficiency and sustainability

Due to the excellent protection, a metal roof affords your home or business, its installation can result in insurance discounts. Check with your insurance carrier to see if your premiums will be reduced with a metal roof.

With these benefits, it’s not surprising that metal roofs are the fastest-growing segment of the roofing industry. It is suitable for many areas of the country, particularly in Austin, Texas, with its potential for storms and high heat. To learn more about metal roofs contact Ja-Mar Roofing & Sheet Metal by calling 512-441-8437 or sending an email today!