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What You Need To Know About Reflective Roof Membranes

In 2010, scientists confirmed what many people suspected for years: reflective roofs help to cool homes and reduce the negative impact of human activities on the environment. So, what are reflective roofs? How do they work? Do solar panels count? Here are the answers to these and other questions you may have.

What Is a Reflective Roof Coating?

Property owners can apply a reflective coating to existing roof structures to reflect, rather than absorb sunlight. Because of the cooling effect this has on buildings, roofs with these coatings are often nicknamed “cool roofs”. These cool roofs can save you up to 20% on the cost of cooling your home or building.

How Reflective Is Single-Ply Roofing?

Some homeowners go a step further when installing or replacing their roof. Rather than merely coat an existing roof with reflective coating, they may opt for single-ply roofing made from TPO or PVC. In most instances, these roofs are also white or other naturally light colors, aiding in UV-resistance.

Why Use Single-Ply?

Aside from its reflective properties and cooling abilities, property owners and developers may choose single-ply installation because they are relatively easy to install.

What You Need To Know About Reflective Roof Membranes

Other benefits include the following:

  • Can withstand acid rain and harsh chemicals
  • Stands up to drastic weather changes
  • Cost-effective
  • Lightweight

What Is the Long-Term Expectancy?

How do single-ply and reflective roof coating hold up over time? After three years of exposure, some membranes lose about 25% of reflectiveness while others lost up to 50%. Because of this, it may be necessary to reapply new reflective coats and use high-quality materials during the build.

Do Solar Panels Cool Your Roof?

Solar panels are both reflective and capable of absorbing heat from the sun. According to the University of California, solar panels cool roofs and the structures to which you attach them. Solar panels do this by shading large areas of the roof from the sun, while absorbing what heat comes into direct contact with it so less heat passes into the home.

As property owners look for new ways to reduce emissions and lower energy costs, they consider reflective roofing and its amazing capabilities. To find out whether or not cool roofs are ideal for your home or business, contact Ja-Mar Roofing & Sheet Metal at 512-341-7770 or send us an email today!