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Does a New Roof Add Resale Value to My Austin Home?

One of the biggest factors in any home improvement project (besides your happiness level at home) is whether you will gain resale value. Studies have shown that a new roof can provide the highest return out of several common remodeling projects.

Estimates of returned value fluctuate significantly across sources. However, every source agrees that adding a new roof will always provide additional value to your home.

Whether your new roof will return 105% of investment (as estimated above), or the more conservative estimates of 40% found from other sources, it’s clear that roof replacements are wise investments.

Higher Quality Materials Are Appealing

Replacing a roof gives you the opportunity to ensure your roof is constructed with the best quality materials. Whether you decide to opt for slate, metal, tile, or ceramic roofing, the roofing surface you invest in will provide a sturdy shield against the elements.

This helps extend the life of your home, inside and out. Homebuyers go out of their way to find homes that are as durable and sturdy as possible. That’s the next benefit you can consider when replacing your roof: you will attract more potential buyers to your home.

Old Roofs are Turn-Offs to Buyers

When it comes to actually selling your home, the hardest part is enticing buyers. Particularly in this market, anything that will help your home stand out as a more attractive prospect is a good thing.

That said, having a brand new roofing surface on your home provides an additional bonus: the new buyer won’t have to replace the roof! The implied benefit of not having to replace a roof on their home for a long while is very attractive to new buyers.

A New Roof Can Add Style

In addition to the logical benefits to modernizing your roofing surface, there may be potential aesthetic gains to be had as well. Though homes don’t necessarily earn higher dollar amounts for their exterior appeal, it has been shown time and again that curb appeal is crucial to selling your home.

For example, replacing a drab shingled surface with a colorful tile roof might provide your home with the flair to draw in homebuyers from the street. Complementing your exterior color scheme with a modern metal roof might also give you an edge on home sales.

Always consider the potential benefits of replacing your roof surface. When it comes to the resale value of your home, a new roof might be exactly the project for you. If you’re interested in updating or strengthening your home with a new roof, contact Ja-Mar Roofing & Sheet Metal today.