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What Kinds of Critters Can Damage Your Roof in Texas?

If you’ve noticed roof damage on your Texas home, you may have animals in the attic. Keeping your roof in good shape protects your home from serious water and storm damage, and retains the value of property.

If animals have caused damage, you’ll need fast roof repair regardless of the type of damage you see. Check out what kinds of animals to look out for and what kind of damage they often do, and then focus on getting the repairs you need.

Animals That Cause Roof Damage to Texas Homes

Texas is home to all kinds of critters, many of which are capable of climbing to the top of your home and damaging the roof as they look for dark, cozy places to live.
Critters to look out for:

  • Squirrels
  • Possums
  • Mice
  • Raccoons
  • Bats
  • Birds

How to Determine If Critters Have Damaged Your Roof

Having animals in the attic can be a big problem because both furry and feathery critters cause roof damage. The most obvious sign is a hole in your roof, either large or small. Some types of damage are a little harder to see at first glance, however. Animals often rip up insulation, chew wires and can even damage the foundation.

Also, consider that if the critter can get through your roof into your attic, it can probably get into the rest of your house, too, which can be dangerous for your family. If you don’t want to deal with everything from electrical damage to animal droppings and even rabies, you need quick roof repair.

Roof Repair for Your Texas Home

If the roof damage is minimal, such as a small hole, you may be able to patch it yourself and replace any missing shingles. You can also replace any missing or damaged insulation yourself with the right supplies. Either way, a professional can determine if the damage has been sufficiently repaired, and might find issues you hadn’t noticed on first glance.

If you have a large hole in your roof or you simply don’t feel comfortable climbing to the top of your house for roof repair, it’s time to hire a professional. That’s also the case if you see any damage to the structural framework or frayed electrical wires, since trying to do these repair jobs on your own can be dangerous.
A professional can determine which critters are in your attic and how you can keep them out after the damage is repaired. If you’re concerned critters have damaged your roof, schedule an inspection with Ja-Mar Roofing & Sheet Metal today.