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ladder leading to a damaged roof

How to Find a Leak in a Roof

It’s not rare for homeowners to discover a roof leak during a Texas thunderstorm in spring or summer. Wind, rain, and the humidity of Central Texas can wreak havoc on a roof over the course of several years. Learn how to spot damages and what to do in the event of a roof leak with tips from Ja-Mar Roofing.

Roof on a modern building.

5 Things Every homeowner Needs To Know Before Replacing a Roof

The foundation and the roof are the two most important parts of your home. For the sake of this article we’re going to focus on the roof. All things considered, the roof keeps water out of the building and helps protect us from the elements. And keeping in mind that no one likes paying to replace an entire roof, the basic function of the roof and the beauty it brings to your home ought to help forego the agony of burning through $8,000 to $20,000 on the work.

couple suffering during a very hot summer

If You Don’t Know This About Your Roof You Could Be In For a Long HOT Summer

Summer ’17 in Texas brings in trips to the lake, barbecues, and vacations….it also brings in 100 plus degree weather and it takes a toll not only on our abilities to be outside and withstand the eat, but our homes too! Extreme heat can cause major damage to your roof. Here are a few roof maintenance tips for you to make sure your home is cool and comfortable, and your roof withstands the heat of summers in Texas.

Roof Maintenance, Preparation and Storm Recovery

The best way to prepare for any misfortune is by being proactive. This is also true in roofing. As the thunderstorms roll in and the Spring showers begin to roll in it’s important to make sure your Roof is ready.  Having a good maintenance plan ensures your roof is in the best shape possible, giving you the best odds to weather the storm.

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What Every Austin Homeowner Needs To Know About Hail Damage

Hail damage often presents itself as small dips or breaks in a roof. The size of all these things can vary and fall completely at random. Even if you do not see indentations on the shingles themselves, you may still find proof elsewhere. If you find depressions in gutters, siding, skylights, or chimney caps, it may be worth taking a closer look at the roof. Not having visible proof of hail damage doesn’t mean it’s not there.

This One Tip Can Save Homeowners HUGE $$$ on a New Roof

We’ve all been warned,  but not all have heeded the warning.  Spend a little now to save a ton later.  Many times it’s the most important items that get the least attention needed, like your roof.  We know we need to get regular health checkups to avoid any major issues creeping up on us. Every year we get teeth cleanings and regular checkups on our heating and cooling systems.  We all know a little routine maintenance on a car, regular oil changes and a once over can prevent major repairs later. So why do we put one of the most important items on the back burner?

satellite dish mounted safely on a rooftop

The Best Place to Install Your Satellite Dish

You’ve ordered your satellite TV service, and all that’s left is installation. Whether you do the installation yourself or have someone do it for you, location is critical. It doesn’t matter if you’ve chosen the most aesthetically pleasing spot on your property for the dish if it can’t pick up a signal.

hole in roof with ladder leading up

Texas Roofing Scams – What Should I Look For?

If you’re in the market for a brand new roof, you are probably a careful shopper. Looking around, getting estimates, checking records, reading reviews; getting the right kind of roof repair is crucial, especially when plunking down so much for an investment. When you get your roof fixed, it’s worth it.

Red Roof

Common Texas Winter Roof Problems

As you bundle up indoors to wait out another chilly Texas winter, don’t forget to keep an eye on your roof! Severe winter weather can wreak havoc on your roof, especially if you don’t recognize damages. Little problems quickly become big, expensive hassles. Here’s what you need to know.