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Roofing Wimberley TX

Wimberley Roofing | Roof Repair and Replacement

Photo Courtesy of austintexas.orgKnown as a little bit of Heaven, Wimberley, TX is a beautiful small town right in the center of Texas Hill Country. This area has stunning geography: the winding Blanco River, shaded Cypress Creek and the Wimberley Valley, just to name a few. Besides the geography, this town also has a variety of boutiques, restaurants and art galleries to visit.

Texas Hill Country is unique and the Wimberley Valley is right in the heart of it. This area is the central location for migrating birds in the winter and beautiful Texas wild flowers in the spring. This natural beauty mixed with unpredictable weather however, can be dangerous for your home. Buildings aren't always as sturdy as we think, the roofs particularly being quite susceptible to age and weather damage. The roof of your home or business could be in need of repairs and you might not even know it.

Residential and Commercial Roofing Services

Although there is no way to eradicate the damages of weather, time and accidents, there is a way to minimize them! The professionals at Ja-Mar Roofing & Sheet Metal have all of the experience, knowledge and tools to repair the roof that protects your loved ones and investments. The homes and businesses of Central Texas have relied on Ja-Mar roofing to repair and maintain their roofs for the past 50 years. No matter the size or shape of your roof, we have you covered. Give us a call and let us work with your specific roofing needs. Get a free estimate for your project today!

Wimberley’s Historic Roofing Specialists

Wimberley homes many historic buildings, some dating back as far as 1895! The Pyland Blacksmith Shop, Wimberley Mill and various other buildings in the square were all built in the 19th century and are still standing strong today! Unfortunately, no building can survive against time and which means eventually there will be maintenance issues that will need fixing. Don’t let your home or business go too long without proper care. Our specialists here at Ja-Mar are prepared to attend to your specific roofing needs with our experience correctly preserving and repairing these time-worn roofs.Photo courtesy of wimwic.org

But Ja-Mar Roofing doesn’t just specialize in historical roof preservation and repair, we also specialize in metal roofing.

Metal Roofing for the Wimberley Climate

Wimberley weather is no different from the rest of Texas, notoriously unpredictable. The summers are scorching and the winters are freezing, with some thunderstorms and hail throughout the year. This means there is no end to the onslaught on your roof. Weather-damaged roofs however, are no problem for Ja-Mar Roofing professionals.

The risk of hail in Central Texas is much greater than the national average, and the damages that follow are often costly.  One can imagine how much hail damage can affect roofs.  What’s worse is that such damages are often out of sight, and can pile up over time.

Here at Ja-Mar roofing we believe metal roofing is a worthwhile investment for your property. Metal roofs are considered to be one of the most durable roofing materials to its longevity and strength. Along with its durability, a metal roof can also be a stylistic choice. Metal roofing has a sleek and eye-catching design that is different from normal materials. Plus a metal roof will save you money on your next electricity bill. Ask us more about the perks of having a metal roof!

Should the worst happen, Ja-Mar can quickly enact repairs or install replacements.  Check out our roofing calculator to get an estimate for a roof replacement or roof upgrade. Don’t let your roof be a concern for you or your business, not when we can resolve it for you.  Ask us how to repair your Wimberley roof today!