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Wind-Damaged Roofs May Warrant Full Replacement

Keep these things in mind when inspecting roofs from our severe wind storm February 25th 2013. Visible wind damage, such as missing or dislodged shingles are easy to spot from the ground. However, high winds can lift the shingles, depositing dirt and debris between them to the point where they do not seal properly, therefore the whole roof is usually compromised with this scenario. Wind can also crack or break the shingles without dislodging them, bending them back to the point that the matting is fractured. Both types of damage are not always visible from the ground, but will greatly affect the life of the roof and make the case for a full roof replacement with the insurance company. To repair only missing shingles without addressing the entire situation leaves the roof more susceptible to future damage from even lighter force winds. Therefore, Ja-Mar Roofing & Sheet Metal is not able to offer a warranty for a repaired roof from a wind event like yesterday so we advise our customers to let us make temporary repairs and meet with the insurance company to make the case for a full replacement of the roof if it warrants.