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Warning Indicators Your Roof Needs Help

Just like people, roofs can develop issues that keep them from functioning properly. Since your commercial roof is so important to keeping your business interior dry and safe, you want to faithfully maintain it and help it stay in the best shape possible. Your roof may not speak, but it has ways to let you know it needs to see a roofing contractor right away. Don’t ignore any of these signs for help.

Your Roof Is Getting Up in Years

Any roof eventually needs replacement, and advanced age is often a top signal of trouble ahead. Two interventions can help ward off the effects of old roof age, and they are frequent inspections and faithful maintenance.

Holes, Shreds, and Tears Appear in the Roofing Materials

Regular scrutiny of your commercial roof by a professional really pays off when tiny holes or rips are caught and fixed promptly. Once an opening in the membrane or other parts of the roof appears, moisture and wind can begin to inflict further damage until the situation is beyond repair.

Flashing Exhibits Signs of Wear or Damage

Building owners often fail to realize the important role flashing plays in a roofing system. Flashing provides protection and defense from moisture and the elements, and it secures the roofing materials. Once this seal is compromised, it opens another way for water and debris to get in and deteriorate the roof.

Water Stains Show Up in the Interior

Roof leaks are often accompanied by watermarks and stains on interior ceilings or sidewalls. Sometimes they actually drip on the floor or carpet. Although these signs are a sure bet you have a roof leak, you cannot assume the source of the leak is directly above the stain. Sometimes moisture enters through an opening in the roof and runs along with the underlayment or insulation before it shows up on the ceiling or sidewall as a stain.

Downspouts Fail to Work Properly

If little or no water is coming out the downspouts after rain, they are probably clogged with leaves, twigs, or other debris. This can result in little pools of water forming on the roof. When the moisture builds up over time, your roof may experience bubbling and other forms of damage to roofing materials.

Bubbling Appears on the Roof

You have to walk around your commercial roof to evaluate this problem. Small bubbles or blisters can appear under the membrane as a result of air or moisture pockets forming between the membrane and underlayment. If you don’t immediately tackle the issue, additional bubbles can develop along with the resulting moisture. Unless promptly addressed, this problem leads to the need for a roof replacement.

Workers or Contractors Damage the Roof

Sometimes trade professionals need to access the roof to work on HVAC air handlers or other equipment repairs. While these workers are generally very careful, it is easy for roof damage to occur when people are walking around on it. If a number of new contractors recently accessed your roof, an inspection by a roofing professional can stave off any problems resulting from inadvertent damage.

If your roof is using signs to let you know it has a problem, contact Ja-Mar Roofing & Sheet Metal by calling 512-441-8437 or sending us an email today. Our roofing specialists will gladly answer your questions and give you a free estimate for roofing services. We stand ready to offer whatever assistance you may need.