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Essential Flat Roof Maintenance Tips

Many commercial buildings have a flat roof. This roofing structure differs from traditional sloped roofs in a few key ways, including preventative maintenance. Explore essential maintenance steps to keep your flat roof free from leaks and other damage. Don’t wait for water to enter your building or a minor repair task to turn into a full roof replacement project.

Remove Debris

A flat roof structure collects more debris than a sloped alternative. Debris can scratch a roof and cause moisture and mold to build up. Regularly inspect your roof to remove branches, leaves, and other debris to prevent costly damage to your roof. While you’re removing branches and other materials, look for signs of pooling water. Although a flat roof is sealed to protect your building from water damage, standing water can create issues with your flat roof material. It’s also a sign that the drainage system or leveling of your roof is incorrect.

If you don’t feel safe on your flat roof don’t hesitate to contact a professional. Cleaning debris off your roof can be dangerous and time consuming depending on the type of roof. If your roof shows signs of serious damage or feels wobbly, spongy, or otherwise unsafe, don’t attempt to stand or walk on it until you contact a professional roofer.

Trim Trees

Tree branches growing over top of your roof are a liability. These branches may fall in the event of strong winds or a storm. Prevent damage due to tree branches or mold growth due to excessive shade by hiring an expert to regularly trim your trees. Don’t attempt to trim your own trees, as inexperienced tree trimming can result in damage or safety concerns.

Check for Cracks and Wear

Undue stress, collected debris, and other factors can damage your flat roof. Like sloped roofing material, flat roofing material also has a set lifespan and needs to be repaired or replaced after years of wear. Look for these signs that you may need to have your roof repaired or replaced by a licensed contractor:

  • Cracking
  • Tearing
  • Bowing
  • Bubbling
  • Mold growth

Call a contractor at the first sign of wear. Most minor issues can be fixed with a patch or sealing project, but extensive damage may require a complete roof replacement service.

Invest in Professional Inspections and Repairs

Professional inspections spot signs that indicate a need for maintenance. It’s difficult to see signs of roof damage or excessive wear without training and experience. Don’t wait until you notice water damage inside your building to call the professionals, instead schedule regular inspections. An expert can look for signs of damage, including cracking, bubbling, and mold growth. Prompt repair services are typically far more affordable than emergency roof repairs.

Ask About Maintenance Scheduling

After a professional inspection, ask about how you can keep your roof maintained. There are a range of flat roof materials and each one has its own pros, cons, and maintenance features. Create an inspection schedule with a local roofing team or ask for a list of signs to look out for.

Contact a Professional Roofing Team Near You

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