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Different Types of Metal Roofing to Consider

Different types of metals provide various combinations for metal roofing. These materials offer flexibility, longevity and strength that compliment many homes and establishments. Each can be manufactured to compliment homes and commercial structures. The type of metal, as well as the fabrication, differs as well. There are many options in which to choose that have satisfactory results such as pre-painted and granular coated metal sheets.

Different Types of Panels

There are different types of metal panels that are used to construct metal roofing. Vertical seam panels tend to be long in length and have ribs starting at the eave and extending to the ridge of the roof. This type of panel is fastened with screws that are gasketed and fasten through the panel directly into the roof decking. Metal paneling is used most often in cabins and mountain homes in the Southeastern United States. The next popular type of panel is the residential standing seam panel. They have a flange attachment that is hidden by the next panel to offer a seamless roofing view with a clean installation which protects against the weather. These types of panels tend to be manufactured from zinc, copper, aluminum and steel.

Modular press-formed panels are pre-painted panels that interlock with one another to create standard shapes and dimensions for direct residential application. Depending on the type of painting desired, they can resemble shingles, slate, tile and wood shake. This style of metal roofing is growing in popularity. Hidden fasteners are directly applied to the roof deck to help provide wind resistance. Standard dimension panels that are thru-fastened and can be attached with hidden fasteners, as well, are called modular press-formed granular coated panels. These panels are coated with acrylic and have stone granules embedded on the surface.

Professional Roofing Companies Offer Many Metal Roof Choices

There are many types of metal to consider for roofing possibilities. When you are ready to speak with a qualified contractor about a new metal roof, make sure to keep in mind your weather conditions. An excellent roofing company is going to be able to tell you which type of metal best suits your home, as well. Whether it is for aesthetics or longer roof duration, metal roofing is an economical choice.