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Are Missing Roof Shingles Really That Bad?

When roof shingles go missing, they open up the only weather shielding your house has to severe weather, heat, cold, and moisture. If those missing roof shingles aren’t fixed quickly, your roof and home can sustain permanent damage.

What problems arise from missing roof tiles?

When shingles from your roof fall from their adhesive backing or nails give out, they leave the insulating and adhesive layers open to the elements. The exposure can cause:

Roof Leaks

Even if the open patch of roof is small, average amounts of rainfall are enough to soak the layers between the exposed area of your roof and the inside of your home. Unwanted wetness in your home will cause roof damage as well as weaken floorboards, soak insulation, and let moisture into your foundation.

Structural Damage

Over time, the water from roof leakage will weaken your home’s structural beams and foundation, causing much larger, permanent problems. As your supports fail to provide support for the weight of your house, you may experience foundation cracking, roof caving, and wall breakage.

Weatherproofing Damage

Dry and hot air as well as frequently changing weather conditions will stretch, condense, and wear down the weatherproofing and adhesive layers beneath your roof tile. After these layers are exposed to dry air and direct sunlight due to missing shingles, they will lose their protective properties.

Dry Rot

In hot weather areas, unprotected parts of your roof will experience dry, scorching air throughout the entire day. The air will zap the moisture from places that need oil and moisture to function properly, causing them to expand without pliability. They will crack and weaken, leaving them vulnerable to breakage.These problems can also occur in combination. When they do, small problems with over-dryness or excessive moisture can cause much larger problems for the entirety of your house.

What causes tiles to go missing?

Since roofs have to put up with so much constantly changing weather, the cause of slipped, broken, and missing roof tiles can be one of or a combination of the following:

  • Wind
    Even if your roof is built with consideration for wind damage, strong, gusting winds can still pull shingles from their place if they come with enough force.
  • Trauma
    Unusual weather events such as hail, rainstorms, or blizzards can pull tiles from their place. Tiles will slowly weaken and break from too much impact.
  • Dryness
    Most types of roofing require moisture to stay weatherproof and secure. Droughts and severely hot weather will pull that necessary moisture from the tiles.
  • Weakening
    Layment and sheathing underneath your tiles will start to give in to the elements over time. This allows your shingles to slip and opens them up to damage.

How can I fix an exposed patch on my roof?

You can attempt to install replacement shingles yourself, but you’ll run the risk of accidental exposure to the elements or, worse, improperly fastened tiles. If you don’t manage to nail in or glue your roof tiles exactly where they need to be fastened, you may leave your roof unnecessarily vulnerable to the weather.

Even for small jobs, get expert help from a roofer. It will help you save money in the long run by extending the life of your entire roof with a simple fix.