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Roofing Sunset Valley TX

Sunset Valley Roofing | Roof Repair and Replacement

Sunset Valley, Texas is a small town (one-square mile to be exact) off of State Highway 71 in Southwestern Travis County. The landscape, a valley filled with trees among rolling hills, inspired the name of this town. This area is surrounded by various hiking locations that feature canopy trees and gorgeous, well-maintained trails. 

Roofing Sunset Valley TXThis tight knit community pulls its weight, contributing to the Central Texas culture as well as the outdoor areas that we love. Here one can enjoy the slower pace of a small town while still living in the heart of Austin. Here at Ja-Mar roofing, we understand how important your community is which is why we will always treat your next roofing project with care. With that in mind, doing routine check ups on the condition of your roof is vital in order to protect your home or business.

Residential and Commercial Roofing Services

Although we may hope, there is no way to prevent the damages that come from weather, time and accidents. Fortunately there is a way to repair and minimize these damages! The roofing professionals at Ja-Mar provide the highest quality maintenance, whether it be a small dent or a complete replacement. The residents of Central Texas have trusted our services to protect their loved ones and investments from the elements. No matter the size or shape of your roof, we’ve got you covered. Get a free estimate for your project today!

Sunset Valley’s Historic Roofing Specialists

Incorporated in 1954, Sunset Valley began as a surban outcropping, sporting many ranch houses on acres of land. Slowly but surely Sunset Valley grew, building destination shopping centers, a town hall, a police station and a mayor house. These buildings were the start of giving this square-mile small town a spot on the Texas map. Take care of your home and business by repairing its roof! Ja-Mar roofing has the tools and materials needed to correctly preserve and repair time-worn roofs. Don't have an aging roof? Age isn’t the only reason satisfied customers have relied on us.

Ja-Mar Roofing doesn’t just specialize in historical roof preservation and repair, we also specialize in metal roofing.

Metal Roofing for the Sunset Valley Climate

The weather and extreme heat must be considered when accomplishing roofing repair and installation. Sunset Valley weather is no different from the rest of Central Texas- harsh and erratic. Unrelenting heat and random thunderstorms are a norm in this area which means there is no end to the onslaught on your roof. Fortunately Ja-Mar roofing professionals are experts in repairing weather-damaged roofs.

Roofing Sunset Valley TX

While the natural beauty of Sunset Valley has its perks, the risk of nature related damages against your roof are high. Branches, leaves and needles can all pose a risk to your roof. What’s worse is that such damages are often out of sight, and can pile up over time.

But don’t fret, Ja-Mar roofing has an amazing solution- Metal Roofing! Metal is considered to be the most durable material for roofing. Not only does metal roofing last a long time, it’s also incredibly stylish. These eye-catching roofs are sleek, something only metal can do compared to other roofing materials. Another one of Ja-Mar’s specialties, so be sure to ask us about the perks of having a metal roof today!

Should the worst happen, Ja-Mar can quickly enact repairs or install replacements.  Check out our roofing calculator to get an estimate for a roof replacement or roof upgrade.

Don’t let your roof be a concern for you or your business, not when we can resolve it for you.  Ask us how to repair your Sunset Valley roof today!