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Roofing Schertz TX

Schertz Roofing | Roof Repair and Replacement

Schertz, Texas is located in a quiet northeast corner of the San Antonio Metro area and right below the Austin area. Founded in 1899, this town is the perfect mix of the big city and the peaceful Hill Country. With a population of under 32,000, this town embraces the small town comforts and has a neighborhood-centric community mindset. 

Schertz Roofing | Roof Repair and ReplacementSchertz is a family and business oriented community. Home to various festivals and events, this town is well known for its numerous activities that bring the whole town together. Voted as one of the best places to live, Schertz has been a proud community for the past century. One downside of older towns is the wear and tear their homes and businesses go through, particularly their roofs. Weather and time can easily damage your roof without you even realizing it, which means the roof of your home or business may be in need of replacement or repairs.

Residential and Commercial Roofing Services

Although damages that come from the weather, time and accidents are unavoidable, there is a way to repair and enforce your roof in order to minimize them. Here at Ja-Mar Roofing, we have the experience and skill needed to provide you with high quality roofs that will protect your home and business. Residents all over Texas have found comfortable shelter beneath our roofs for over 50 years. We would love to check out your roof and give you the peace of mind you deserve. Get a free estimate for your project today!

Schertz’s Historic Roofing Specialists

Schertz has a long history, starting all the way back to 1899. One can still find remnants of the past today in Schertz: William’s Mercantile. This red brick building still stands at the corner of Main st. and Lindbergh Avenue. Along with the Mercantile, there are many historic buildings that are now cafes, shops, banks and more. Unfortunately no matter how well these buildings were constructed, they cannot survive against time--not without maintenance at least. Our Ja-Mar roofing specialists have the experience and knowledge needed in order to repair and preserve your historic roof. We understand the complexity of roofs and know that different roof materials require different maintenance.

But Ja-Mar Roofing doesn’t just specialize in historical roof preservation and repair, we also specialize in metal roofing.

Metal Roofing for the Schertz Weather

Roofing Contractors | Roof Repair and Replacement

The weather in Schertz ranges due to the everchanging Texas climate. One day we’ll have scorching sunlight while the next day a thunderstorm will hit. This erratic weather means there is no end to the onslaught on your roof. Fortunately, weather damaged roofs are no problem for the roofing specialists at Ja-Mar!

Damage done to your roof by the weather can be hard to see at times which can be a huge risk. These out of sight damages can pile up over time and cause a huge disaster if not taken care of. 

This can be prevented by investing in a strong roof made of a tough material such as metal! We specialize in metal roofing and stand by its durability and longevity. Not only is it meant to withstand against time, it is also stylish. These roofs are eye-catching and give off a sleek look that only metal roofs can achieve. They can also help you save energy and costs on electricity. Ask us more about the perks of having a metal roof today!  

Should the worst happen, Ja-Mar can quickly enact repairs or install replacements.  Check out our roofing calculator to get an estimate for a roof replacement or roof upgrade.

Don’t let your roof be a concern for you or your business, not when we can resolve it for you.  Ask us how to repair your Schertz roof today!