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Roofing Dallas & Fort Worth TX

Looking for the most reliable roofing contractors in Dallas & Fort Worth?

If you are looking for residential roofing or industrial roofing services then meet the experts of Ja-Mar Roofing. We have a solid  reputation in the Dallas & Fort Worth market for offering excellent roofing services at an affordable cost.  We have handled everything from large Dallas & Fort Worth commercial projects to residential roofing installation and repair jobs.

Dallas & Fort Worth Residential Roofing

residential roofing in Dallas & Fort Worth
Dallas & Fort Worth residential roofing contractors

You can depend on the professional roofers at Ja-Mar Roofing to provide you excellent roofing services on your home in Dallas & Fort Worth. Whether you need repair, or are looking to build a new roof, let us know!

Your roof is possibly the most important part of your home, and yet you probably don’t think about it much. When a roof is performing at its best, it’s easy to forget about it and take it for granted. It’s usually only when a problem strikes that you start to think about roof maintenance.   read more

At Ja-Mar Roofing & Sheet Metal, we offer a range of roofing services designed to keep your roof in excellent condition no matter what the weather has in store. Come wind, rain or snow, we will ensure your roof keeps on protecting your home all year-round. We can assist you with roof repair, roof replacement and new roof construction, and we offer a range of finishes and roofing techniques to suit your individual requirements.

Dallas & Fort Worth Commercial Roofing

Commercial roofing in Dallas & Fort Worth
Commercial roofer Dallas & Fort Worth TX

Commercial roofing requires expertise and experience in the field. Trust the roofers ar Ja-Mar Roofing to build and maintain your commercial roofing project, like we’ve done for many others in the Dallas & Fort Worth area.

We offer commercial roofing services in Dallas & Fort Worth to ensure the highest quality service. Whether you are a business owner, property owner or building manager, you can expect exemplary service when you put your roof in our hands. read more

We will meet with you to determine your needs and goals and then design a system that satisfies or exceeds your expectations. With Ja-Mar Roofing, you get accurate and easy-to-understand estimates, excellent project execution, and a high quality product.Save time and stress today when you get in touch with Ja-Mar Roofing & Sheet Metal for your commercial roofing repair, maintenance or construction needs.

Dallas & Fort Worth Metal Roofing

There are many benefits to installing a metal roof on your home or business. We offer many varieties to suit your needs, and are proud to specialize in metal roofing in Dallas & Fort Worth.

Dallas & Fort Worth Metal Roof
Metal Roof contractor Dallas & Fort Worth TX

Whether you’re replacing an older roofing surface, or building a new home or commercial space, Ja-Mar Roofing has the metal roof to suit your needs. All of the benefits of metal roofing apply to residential and commercial construction alike. Ja-Mar Roofing has decades of experience providing metal roofing to Houston residents and business owners, and are the trusted experts for metal roof construction throughout Texas. All of our work is insured, and roofers are hand-picked to represent the best quality of service and construction possible.

Texas Roofing Calculator

Replacing your roof doesn’t have to be a guessing game. Try our roofing calculator to see how easily you can get an accurate cost estimate. Input your home’s square footage, and the type of material you’d like on your dream roof, and you’ll get an estimate of cost that you can forward to our sales staff to get started! Start My Estimate

Top-Rated Roof Contractors in Dallas & Fort Worth TX

Over 50 Years Expertise in Dallas & Fort WorthDallas & Fort Worth experiences weather conditions at both ends of the spectrum. Your roof could easily be damaged by rainstorms, hail, heavy winds, and any combination of these.

Conditions in a city like Dallas & Fort Worth also have an effect on your home. It’s important to keep your roof at its strongest to make sure your home is protected. Trust the condition of your roof to the experts at Ja-Mar Roofing & Sheet Metal in Dallas & Fort Worth.

Why choose Ja-Mar Roofing for your Dallas & Fort Worth roof?

We started our roofing venture over 50 years ago and we’ve been learning from each mistake and improving our processes ever since. Every time we install, repair, and maintain a new roof, we work on better, more effective ways of carrying out our already superior work.

Each new roofing job in Dallas & Fort Worth is an opportunity for us to outshine the last. Each of our professional roofers grows together with the company, and so does the breadth of our services. We can even use our experience and knowledge to inspect your current roofing and find out where repairs and improvements can be made.

gaf master elite roofer in Dallas & Fort Worth

How does the climate in Dallas & Fort Worth affect my roof?

Relentless Sunlight
Ultraviolet rays beaming down onto your roof for hours can cause the materials to shrink and dissolve. The level of heat during Abilene summers also evaporates the bonding compounds for shingled roofs and can cause breakdown of your roof.

Texas plains allow for winds to pick up to high speeds. When a large storm rolls through, rain and wind can batter against your roof and open holes for leaks to start.

Hailstorms are probably the biggest threat of damage to a Dallas & Fort Worth roof. Even quarter-sized hail or smaller can cause a problem that will need the attention of a roofing professional. Don’t assume just because hail was small or short-lived that your roof avoided damage. Have it checked!

Cold Snaps
The unpredictability of Abilene weather sometimes means temperatures can drop suddenly. Quick changes in temperature expand or contract materials that are supposed to be rigid. This rapid shifting can even break roof tiles and shingles.

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