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Kyle Voss

Kyle Voss

We are excited to introduce you to Kyle Voss, an essential member of our residential and commercial renovation team at JA-MAR Roofing. As a true Texan with a deep passion for construction, Kyle’s journey is a testament to his dedication and diverse skill set.

Kyle’s academic achievements complement his impressive professional and military background. In 2013, he earned a degree in Construction Management, while simultaneously distinguishing himself as a two-time All-American Linebacker during his college years.

Following his college career, Kyle made a successful transition to professional football, leaving a mark in the NFL, CFL, and even on the international stage in Europe. Yet, his commitment to service led him to enlist in the United States Marine Corps in 2017.

In the Marine Corps, Kyle served multiple tours in the South China Sea, where he demonstrated his unwavering dedication and leadership in complex and challenging environments. Today, he continues his service as a Battery Executive Officer in the Marine Corps Reserves, a testament to his ongoing commitment to his country.

Notably, Kyle also holds an MBA from the Rice Jones School of Business, specializing in Business Administration with a focus in Construction and Project Management. This advanced degree underlines his dedication to mastering the intricacies of construction and project management.

Kyle’s extensive experience in construction, complemented by his unwavering commitment to excellence, military discipline, and advanced education, make him a central figure in our mission to revitalize residential and commercial spaces. His journey is a testament to resilience, leadership, and unwavering dedication, and we are honored to have him on board at JA-MAR Roofing.